Core Values

Maximum Utility

Our commitment to developing enterprise-grade financial tools and analytic combined with the power of reusable locked liquidity puts SideKick in a position to deliver not only value but utility. We are constantly exploring new Defi channels and trends and finding ways to innovate and bring value to the network.

Trusted Partner

Security, Stability, Transparency. These three words reflect the approach of our dev team. We will become community partners by creating and integrating only the most safe and secure smart contracts and software. Our analytics toolkit will offer a deeper and more transparent look into onchain data, not only SideKick but any Defi network.


Our end game is that SideKick is your secret weapon in building long-term, crypto-based wealth.

We support $SK hodlers with a few key benefits:

  • Auto compounding staking - Stakers of SideKick token earn 30% of the tx tax FOREVER, this includes all future fees collected from future tokens

  • Anti-dumping provisions - A minimum 10% tx tax on ALL transactions + variable dump tax immediately after we activate the $SK vault buybacks

  • ERC-31337 - We can use our liquidity to perform strategic market buybacks and continually raise price the floor of our token with permanently locked liquidity.

  • Yield boost in Refinery - xSK holders will be advantages in our ROI Dapp Refinery, they can reach up to 2% daily rate and reduced claim tax.

  • Access to Headquarters, DefiWatcher, and Private Discord - Holding $XSK will offer an expanded and customizable view into any Defi network. You can track trends and get automated signals and alerts based on any number of metrics (COMING SOON). With Headquarters we aim to give you the ultimate crypto dashboard, giving you update to the second analytics and insights into your own defi portfolios across multiple networks. Track trades, gains, contract interactions and much more.

  • Jumpstart fees redistribution - 20% of all JumpStart fee's collected will be used to buyback $SK and sent back to the FeeSplitter

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