The Sidekick Refinery is an app built on the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20). $HFUEL is the primary token used to operate the Refinery. The Refinery is a fully decentralized smart contract system that acts as an experimental blockchain certificate of deposit. The Refinery allows you to Deposit and Compound $HFUEL tokens in order to increase your initial deposit amount and earn up to 365% your $HFUEL deposit.

When you deposit $HFUEL into the Refinery you earn daily interest on your deposit. Your initial deposit will be locked into the Refinery but will be earned back at a percentage of 0.6 to 2% daily. It will continue earning interest until you reach your max payout amount.

You can Refuel (Compound) your Available Interest or Claim your $HFUEL tokens earned into your wallet at any time. Refueling is taxed at 5% and Claiming is taxed at 15%. When you Refuel your Interest, you not only increase your Max Payout amount, but you will also increase your daily available $HFUEL.

The taxes ensure the sustainability of the Refinery and provides the ability to pay out daily interest to you for months and years to come: 5% $HFUEL tax on Buys, Sells, Deposits, Refuel (Compounds) and Transfers, minimum 15% tax on claim.

The Refinery app is currently avaialable at the following link

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