Lazarus Burn Pit

Burn Address Recycler - 0xba2316994d68845652d92Ba582952FafE33C5994

We burned 24% from the initial supply during the completion of the Market Generation Event. Please take a look at tokenomics page.

In June 2021 we burned additional 20% of the initial supply, currently we have more burned more than 49% of the initial supply.

Not only will we have 30% Transaction Tax burn, but we will be able to use locked liquidity to buy back tokens and have burns controlled by the team and promoted based on achievements to keep the community rewarded and engaged.

SideKick aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term.

Furthermore, the total number of $SK burned is featured on our homepage and will be feature in other cool locations on the website which allows for further transparency in identifying the current circulating supply at any given point in time.

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