Page 3 - Tiers description

Here you need to create Tiers (NFTs type) of your campaign. Click on “Add a Tier” to start creating Tiers of your campaign.

A new form called Tiers Description will open. You need to fill a Tier Description form for each Tier. Field with * are mandatory.

  • Tier Name

  • Symbol: is the symbol of the tier as it will appear in the blockchain, it is like symbol for tokens (BTC, ETH, SK, HFUEL etc);

  • Price: is the funding amount for this tier, including all his perks;

  • Promotional price: you can set a promotional price for the Tier during Launch, select the discount and the time window in which promotion will be active;

  • Tier Image: here you are requested to upload an image file representing the tier;

  • Tier perks : here you will select type of perks will be included in the NFTs. NFT will have his own image and all the benefit you put in the tier description but you could add also:

  • a) redeemable tickets for additional spendable benefits. In case you add this feature, you have to indicate tickets number, provide ticket description and upload and an image identifying the redeemable tickets;

  • b) the possibility for the NFTs to work with an Elite token distribution contract. See Sidekick elite token info on this gitbook to understand potentiality of elite tokens;

  • Description: in this field you need to describe the Tier and the value of what the funder will receive with the purchase of Tier itself;

  • Is this a private Tier? Click yes if you want that only pre-selected wallet addresses will be able to purchase this Tier;

  • Quantity Available/ Max Mint per transaction/ Max mint per wallet : here you select the available quantity and how many NFTs can be minted with a single transaction and by a single wallet;

  • Requires contact information: click yes if you need funders contact info to provide them perks connected with this tier;

Once you finish Tier description of your NFT you can save and come back to Tiers summary page.

Note: The amount of funds needed to mint all the NFTs allocated in your campaign shall be equal or exceed Campaign Goal. Only as a matter of example if your Goal is 100000 BUSD you could create 50off “A-type” NFTs of 1000BUSD value and 100 ”B-type” NFTs of 500BUSD value.

When you added all the tiers needed to fill your campaign goal you can proceed at the next step. You can modify or delete/add Tiers during campaign creation but you cannot modify them after campaign has been published. This is needed to protect who already contributed to your campaign.

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