What is the contract address for $SK?

  • $SK: 0x5755E18D86c8a6d7a6E25296782cb84661E6c106

What is the contract address for the Market Generation Event?

  • MGE: 0x052955037524DE7C1F24510A89978B4C5f5266BF

Where can I learn more about ERC-31337?

Is there a transfer tax when I move $SK or $xSK between wallets?

$SK transfers between two wallets are taxed 5%, while $xSK transfers have 0% transfer tax. It is then more convenient to stake $SK in $xSK before any transfer.

Why doesn't my $xSK balance go up after fees are paid out?

This is a very common question raised by people used to invest in rebase tokens. When you stake $SK tokens you receive an equivalent quantity of $xSK tokens based on the Staking Contract staked sk / minted $xSK ratio. Your $xSK value never changes will staked unless you buy and stake more $SK. What happens is everytime $SK is sent to the staking contract, the value of your $xSK goes up.

So even if the $xSK amount does not change what is changing is the amount of SK tokens that you may receive when unstaking, i.e. you will receive always more $SK than the ones you staked. This means that the ratio and price of xsk:sk is always going up!

The additional $SK tokens you will receive does not come from an arbitrary minting but from a fair redistribution of buy/sell/transfer taxes and platform fees. $SK is indeed a true deflationary token. The increase of $SK in your stake dpositions is not a continuos process, but a discrete step by step process happening everytime fee splitter is activated.

When fee splitter is activated? Who has the privilege do it?

Anyone owning xSK tokens can execute the fee splitter command just clicking on the button “Pay Fees” in https://sidekick.finance/staking page. He will pay just transaction fees (very low) and will distribute SK tokens collected by fee splitter to all the xSK stakers. This is a public function.

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