SideKick stakers earn 30% of tx fees

SideKick wants to become a trusted community partner and to be a token that hodlers want to hodl for long time. With longevity and trusted partnership in mind we have allocated 30% of all transaction fees should be delivered directly to network stakers.

Your share in the staking pool determines how much of the payout you receive. There is no charge to stake or un-stake. (Based on SushiSwap Staking / UpBnb Staking )

$SK stakers will earn from all future $SK tokens and smart contracts. With our token technology we can make sure SideKick will be at the root of it all collecting dividends from many different sources.

Auto-compounded staking will be offered immediately after our MGE completes and tokens are claimed.

Example payout transaction: StakingContract = 0xA74Ce0F84d3F6dF9DAe2967a8Cfa645bF6693195

stake / unstake functions:

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