Page 1 - Basic Info

You need now to fill the first form asking for basic info of your campaign, all the fields in this page are mandatory unless otherwise specified.

  • Campaign Name

  • Campaign Tagline: a short text describing your campaign;

  • Campaign preview image: a graphic file as .gif or .jpeg, it will be the image shown at the top of your campaign page;

  • Category: select a category in the scroll menu, e.g. Local Business, Blockchain, Product, Technology etc. Thi stag will help to filter campiagns in Jumpstart dashboard;

  • Is this a regional campaign? Click yes if the campaign will be applicable only to a specific geographical region;

  • Is a private campaign? Click yes if you want that only pre-selected wallet address will be able to join the campaign;

  • Select campaign currency and goal. Currency is intended as the cryptocurrency to be collected. Goal is the target amount of collected funds. Note: If you select a “preferred” currency you may have a discount on Jumpstart fees. Goal is the target amount of collected funds;

  • Funding cap. Here you are required to select the minimum percentage of Campaign goal that will enable crowdfunding campaign success. If campaign does not meet this percentage all funds will be returned to originators wallets. Selecting an higher cap will build trust with your funders and also reduce the fees you will pay to launch the campaign;

  • Royalty receiver (address) and Royalty percentage. This is a not mandatory field. Here you can specify if NFT to be minted will incorporate a Royalty fee feature when sold/transferred to other wallets and the address that will receive royalty fees. NFTs minted with Jumpstart are compatible with OpenSea and EIP-2981.

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