JumpStart is a new cross-chain platform being introduced by SideKick Finance. JumpStart provides a way to crowdfund any DAO, idea, business or cause safely and securely and in a fully decentralized manner with NFTs and smart contracts.

Being a decentralised dapp, anyone will be able to use the completely self-service platform and with its simplistic and thoughtful UI/UX can get a campaign up and running within minutes.

There is a huge demand for crowdfunding, and mainstream centralised platforms have been denying people from raising or collecting funds if their “cause” doesn’t align with the platform values. JumpStart aims to fill that gap and become a crowdfunding platform that breaks borders and barriers.

We’ll offer full kyc and verification and vetting services and all campaigns will have access to our suite of partners and services, including audits, custom development, custom contracts and more!

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