Referral bonuses

The Refinery has a great referral system that rewards you for introducing new investors to the system. All you need to do is place your Wingman’s BSC address into the “Current Wingman” Referral field and press Update. A transaction on the blockchain will record the information.

Note: Before depositing $HFUEL into the Refinery, you will need to set your Wingman’s address. Once you make your first deposit of $HFUEL into the Refinery your Wingman cannot be changed

An investor who uses your BSC address to enter the Refinery will be considered a direct referral and counts as one level. Investors joining under your direct referral would be level two, investors joining under them would be level three, etc. The number of referral down-lines (levels) you qualify for depends on the amount of $xSK held in your wallet

Referral bonuses for Level 1 are paid based upon 5% of the total amount deposited into the Refinery after tax. Additional referral bonuses after Level 1 are earned from the 5% tax charged. Percentages of the taxes charged are paid to those above your Wingman. Each level up from Level 1 (direct referral) would receive a percentage of the 5% tax collected.

Referral bonuses on Deposits into the Refinery:

Referral bonuses on Refuels (compounds) after 5% tax:

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