Sidekick Elite token $SK

The SIdekick token $SK is based upon the ERC-31337 (ERC-Elite) standard pioneered by the Rootkit team.

SideKick token features leading edge and battle-tested upToken technology that fuels our passionate pursuit of crafting industry-defining financial tools and building a network with vast long-term potential.

Our goal is to craft industry-defining financial tools while building a networks of Dapps with long term potential.

We offer the best and most useful smart contracts to our ever growing eco-system. Thanks to the ERC-31337 token standard we can build an enitre platform of tokens and smart contracts that all feed into each other and support each other.

With our main staking contract, users can stake $SK and receive $xSK while earning a share of 30% of all transaction fees based on their % share of the staking pool.

Thanks to our partner Gangster Finance you can also stake $xSK shares and earn up to 100% APY with Gangster Vaults.

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