Frequently asked questions

I have in my wallet $HFUEL from old contract. May I still join refinery?

Yes , you need first migrate your tokens to convert them in the new hfuel tokens and then deposit them in Refinery. Look for Migrate function in the DAPP.

May I unstake/withdraw $HFUEL deposited in Refinery?

No , deposited hfuel cannot be withdrawn, only earned HFUEL can be claimed. This is how ROI dapp work to increase protocol duration and sustanibility.

Is wingman address mandatory to do my first deposit in Refinery?

Yes, it is mandatory. Anyway you could select “marketing address” which will support marketing and development of Sidekick products and $HFUEL use-cases.

Should I deposit in Refienery my xSK tokens to gain benefits as daily rate/max payout etc.? Does it means I cannot withdraw them anymore?

You don’t need to deposit any $xSK tokens or renounce to their ownership. It is enough you own them in the same wallet where you joined Refinery. The Refinery smart contract will check if there are $xSK tokens in the wallet and will apply the correspondent benefits (See $SK roles in Refinery). You maintain the ownership of your xSK tokens and you will be always free to unstake or move them, just it may change the advantages you will get in Refinery.

I have xSK tokens staked in Gangster Finance vault, are they eligible to give benefits in Refinery?

No, because they are not in your wallet, they are in Ganger Vault smart contract. In order to be able to use them in Refinery they need to be available in your BSC wallet. Please refer to gangster finance gitbook for info on staking/unstaking procedure and fees.

What does it happen if I reach max payout?

You will stop to gain hfuel in your available . You can overcome this depositing more hfuel or increasing the amount of $xSK in your wallet, up to max 365% max payout.

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