$SK - ERC-31337 Analytics Token

Getting Super Powers

Supply Tokenomics:
    10% - Supply cache that will be reserved for the Founding members of our league. This will be distributed when MGE completes.
    60% - Our MGE will lock away 90% of the money raised with about 60% of supply in our LP's / Vault.
    24% - We will burn 24% with our custom burn contract, the Lazarus Pit.
    1% - We have many fun ideas for airdrops and how to get the community involved
    1% - We will reserve this amount specifically for marketing, ad spend, and industry listing services.
    4% - This will be used to fund development of amazing new tools and products that deliver real world value
Base Transaction Tax: 10% + variable DumpTax 0%-7% split as follows
    3% Automatic sent to Lazarus Burn Pit
    3% Tribute to our network Heroes (aka Stakers)
    2% Sent to $SK Vault for strategic buybacks & mega pumps, adding more locked liquidity and more
    2% To our Developer Team to keep the lights on and keep bringing us cool tech and tools
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